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Arion Male Voice Choir

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  • Corporate body
  • 1893-present

The Arion Male Voice Choir was founded in 1893. The Victoria-based choir has maintained a prominent presence through its many concerts and appearances.

B.C. Funeral Company Ltd.

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  • Corporate body

The B.C. Funeral Company (1867-1974) was founded by Charles Hayward.

Bayliss Sign

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  • Corporate body

Bayliss Sign is a Victoria sign maker.

Brooks and Berry

  • 10423
  • Corporate body
  • [189-]

Brooks and Berry was a photographic studio operated by Edward Coley Brooks and his partner, Berry. The studio was located at 164 Johnson St.

Campbell Studio

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  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1939-1974]

Campbell Studio was a commercial photography studio that operated from ca. 1939 to 1974. It was managed by A.L. Lee and J.L.W. Price. At one point, Campbell Studio evidently acquired the photographs of the photographer Claude Colpitts.

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