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Red Cross

  • 1016
  • Corporate body

Fernwood Community Association

  • 8623
  • Corporate body

The Fernwood Community Association is a Victoria neighbourhood organization established to promote, facilitate and support enhancement of the quality of life in Fernwood. They also publish the Fernwood News and commissioned the local history book, Fernwood Files.


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  • Corporate body

Native Sons and Daughters of British Columbia

  • 2023
  • Corporate body

The Native Sons of British Columbia (1899-1990) was a fraternal organization founded in Victoria, which endeavoured to collect and preserve information and relics related to the early history and subsequent development of British Columbia.


  • 2024
  • Corporate body

Victoria Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)

  • 8225
  • Corporate body

The Victoria Junior Chamber of Commerce (1927-1991), or Jaycees, was a Victoria community service group. For many years they organized the annual Jaycee Fair and Santa Ship.

James Bay Athletic Association

  • 2013
  • Corporate body

The James Bay Athletic Association, started in 1886, continues to have an active rugby team.

Victoria Girls Drill Team

  • 2015
  • Corporate body

The Victoria Girls Drill Team (1938-1976), founded under the leadership of Norman "Cappy" Foster, consisted of young single women organized into a skilled drill corps, which performed at various events.

Women's Canadian Club

  • 2045
  • Corporate body

The Women's Canadian Club of Victoria was formed in 1909 to promote a Canadian national identity and to raise funds for educational, philanthropic, and patriotic purposes.

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