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Victoria African Violet Club

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  • Corporate body

The Victoria African Violet Club was a non-profit association established to promote interest in the growing of African Violets.

Victoria Canada-China Friendship Association

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  • Corporate body

The Victoria Canada-China Friendship Association was founded to develop and further friendship and understanding between the Canadian and Chinese peoples.

Victoria Chemical Company Limited

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  • Corporate body

The Victoria Chemical Company, founded in part by Frederick Moore, manufactured acids, fertilizers and tree sprays. It later merged with other companies to become the Canadian Explosives Company. About 1912, it moved its operations to James Island.

Victoria Iron Works

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  • Corporate body

The Victoria Iron Works operated as engineers, machinists, and iron and brass founders.

Victoria (B.C.). Advisory Planning Commission

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  • Corporate body

The APC was the successor to the Zoning Board of Appeal (1933-1949) and was succeeded by the Advisory Planning and Transportation Committee (1999-present).

St. John the Divine Anglican Church (Victoria, B.C.)

  • 1638
  • Corporate body
  • 1860-present

The first building of St. John the Divine Anglican Church stood at the corner of Douglas and Fisgard Streets. Built in 1860, it was called the Iron Church for its corrugated iron siding. The Iron Church was in use until 1912, when it was replaced by a larger brick and stone structure on the corner of Quadra and Mason Streets.

Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire

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The Daughters of the Empire, Florence Nightingale Chapter, was a charity devoted to assisting with a broad range of matters related to health care.

Brooks and Berry

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  • [189-]

Brooks and Berry was a photographic studio operated by Edward Coley Brooks and his partner, Berry. The studio was located at 164 Johnson St.

Campbell Studio

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  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1939-1974]

Campbell Studio was a commercial photography studio that operated from ca. 1939 to 1974. It was managed by A.L. Lee and J.L.W. Price. At one point, Campbell Studio evidently acquired the photographs of the photographer Claude Colpitts.

Colpitts Studio

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  • [ca. 1917-1921]

Based in Victoria, Colpitts Studio was operated by photographer Claude Colpitts ca. 1917-1921. Colpitts later moved to California and passed away in 1939. The Colpitts Studio was evidently taken over by Campbell Studio.

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