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Grogan, George (family)

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George Edward Grogan (1857-1939) was born in England and came to Canada in 1875. He joined the Northwest Mounted Police in Ottawa and soon after made his way west to Alberta where he met his wife, Kathleen Tascher de la Pagene, originally from Montreal. The two were married in Edmonton on May 25, 1891. In addition to his work with the police, Grogan worked as a newspaper editor first in Alberta and then in Revelstoke, British Columbia, during the Klondike gold rush.

The Grogans had four children, two of whom died in infancy: George (1892-1893), Helen Aimee (b. 1893), Marion Alice (Feb-Aug 1899), and Kathleen Sara (1905-1946), who later married Francis Burgoyne Rattenbury in 1928. After the birth of their fourth child, the Grogans moved to Victoria where George Grogan was partner in a real estate firm. He was also the live-in manager of the Alkazar Apartments on Fairfield Road. Following his wife’s death in Victoria in 1937, George moved back to Calgary where he died in 1939.

Pocock, R.L., 1874-1943

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  • 1874-1943

Richard Lawrence Pocock was born in London, England on January 9, 1874. He was educated in Somersetshire and Bath Colleges and went on to complete his studies at Pembroke College, Oxford. The son of a London barrister, he trained in the mining profession and worked for several years as a mining engineer in the Kootenays. He arrived in Nelson, British Columbia in 1897. In 1899, he came to the coast to locate timber limits and water rights for the Industrial Power Company. He also staked the Powell River water power project in 1899 and the Clowhom River Project. A few years later he went to Kweichow, China with the Anglo-French Quicksilver Company to mine for mercury. Upon returning to British Columbia, Pocock joined the staff of the Daily Colonist in May 1907. At first he was employed in the business office where he remained for five years working as a cashier. In 1912 he was made staff photographer, magazine, sports and telegraph editor. Holding the last two positions in succession for some twenty four of his thirty-six year career with the newspaper. He wrote for the paper under the nom de plume “Old Stager”. His favorite pastimes included fishing, shooting and golf.

On May 1, 1907 Pocock married Emma George, an avid golfer and the first woman in B.C. to arrive at her wedding in an automobile. They had one daughter, Amy Katherine (b. 1909). Amy later married Theodore A. Robinson. The family lived at 1145 View Street from 1907 until Emma’s death in 1960. Pocock died in Victoria on October 24, 1943.

Little, Lucy Anna, 1895-1977

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  • 1895-1977

Lucy Anna Little was born in Victoria on September 21, 1895, to Francis Deans Little (1842-1931) and Lucy Anna Freeman (1861-1950). Francis Deans was for many years the general manager of the Dunsmuir Mines. His wife Lucy Anna Freeman was the daughter of a Brewster, Massachusetts family. In 1922, Lucy married Dr. Norman Williamson and after the marriage took up residence in Montreal where her husband worked as a physician and professor at McGill University. They had three children David (b. 1925), Anne (b. 1923) and Thomas (1932-1963), before Norman's death in 1946. In 1954, Lucy married Victor R. Sutherland (1893-1969) the President and founder of Victoria Paving. Their family home was at 1000 Joan Crescent in Victoria. Lucy died in Victoria on December 13, 1977.

Fatt, Norman B. (family)

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William and Sarah Sutton had six children, William John Jr., Sarah Ellen, James Edward, Richard Keyworth, Fanny Keyworth and Mary Louise. William John Sutton Jr. became a well known geologist who worked on the West Coast before his death in 1914. Sarah Ellen Sutton married the Anglican Minister Frederick Helling Fatt. Together they had four sons, William M., Fred P., Norman B. and Edward John. William M. Fatt died ca. 1917. The Reverend F.H. Fatt died in 1930.

Bantly, Benedict, 1878-1961

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  • 1878-1961

Benedict Joseph Bantly was born in San Francisco on May 9, 1878, the youngest son of Marcus Bantly (1848-1906) and Anna Grimm (1848-1912). Marcus and Anna immigrated from Wertemberg, Germany in 1870 to the United Sates where Marcus became involved in the manufacturing of cigars. Marcus and Anna had six children in San Francisco, though only three survived into adulthood: Simon Anton (“Tony”), Rosina (“Rose”), and Benedict. In 1883 the Bantlys came to Victoria, where Marcus again worked in cigar manufacturing and Anna supplemented their income by doing fancy embroidery work.

Marcus Bantly was an accomplished musician, a gift he would pass down to his children. Tony was a talented violinist and for many years was the leader of the Victoria Theatre Orchestra. Benedict a violinist, organist and pianist and played in several local orchestras as well as serving as organist for St. Andrew's Catholic Church. The Bantlys also formed their own orchestra, the Bantly Family Orchestra in which Marcus played clarinet, Tony the violin, Rosina the piano and Benedict either the violin or piano. In 1902 Benedict went to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Leipzig where he remained for four years.

While in Leipzig he met Johanna ("Hanna") Gertrude Mensinger and they were married in St. Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria on July 31, 1907. The couple had six children: Benedict M. Jr. (1908-1934), Charlotte Clara (b. 1909), Mona A. (1910-1978), Mark M. (1913-1972), Clement Francis (b. 1914?), and Josephine Johanna (b. 1919). Benedict operated his own music studio for many years and, in 1920, formed the Rotary Orchestra, which existed for over 30 years.

Benedict appears to have developed an interest in photography around 1909, taking photographs of family, relations, friends, music students and street scenes. He captured images of both the music and German communities in Victoria, as well as notable events such as the ploughing up of Fort Street with horses and soldiers marching down Fort Street during the First World War.

For many years, the Bantly family home sat on two city lots at 1127 Fort Street. In 1910, Tony and Benedict subdivided the property. Each had a home built so as to beside their widowed mother, Benedict and Johanna at 1125 Fort Street and Simon and Frances at 1121 Fort Street.

In August of 1922, Benedict and Johanna moved to California, where he composed music for silent movies and later became the director of music at La Puente Union High School. He also served as concert master of the San Gabriel Valley Symphony Orchestra. Other members of the Bantly family later followed. Johanna died in a car accident in California on August 31, 1939 and Benedict remarried. His second wife was Nellie Hickey (nee Pauline), daughter of Frederick Pauline of Victoria. Benedict died in California on February 18, 1961.

Wilson, Joseph Eilbeck, 1867-1945

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Joseph E. Wilson, eldest son of William Wilson, was manager of the Victoria clothing firm of W & J Wilson from 1900 to 1931.

Rattenbury, Mary, 1904-1982

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  • 1904-1982

Mary Rattenbury was born on May 11, 1904 to Francis Mawson and Florence Rattenbury in Victoria, B.C. She married Eric Audley Burton (1897-1971) on April 2, 1930 and they had one daughter, Susan Audley Burton, born March 1, 1933. The Burtons resided in Victoria for many years before retiring to Duncan, B.C., where Mary lived until her death on October 25, 1982.

Burton, Walter F. (family)

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Walter Francis Burton (1861-1940) was born in Lincoln, England. He married Elizabeth “Bessie” Audley Paterson Fox (1871-1942), before immigrating to Canada and settling in Victoria in the early 1890s. Burton was an avid hunter and sportsman who had a great interest in the birds of British Columbia. He documented and collected bird specimens and eggs and eventually donated his collection to the Provincial Museum. Burton died in Victoria in 1940.

Elizabeth Burton was born in Kildare County, Ireland, to Robert Paterson Fox (1835-1878) and Marion Jee. Paterson Fox was a Major with the XI Hussars, a cavalry regiment of the British Army.

The Burtons had two children, Iris Olga (1895-1934) and Eric Audley (1897-1971). Iris Burton married Alan McAnally in 1929 and passed away five years later. Eric Burton married Mary Rattenbury, daughter of prominent Victoria architect F.M. Rattenbury, in 1930. The couple had one daughter, Susan in 1933.

Rattenbury, Francis Mawson, 1867-1935 (family)

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Francis Mawson Rattenbury was born in Leeds, England, in 1867. He began training as an architect in 1885 in his uncles' firm Mawson and Mawson. He immigrated to British Columbia in 1892, settling first in Vancouver, then moving to Victoria the next year when he won the competition for the design of the new Parliament Buildings. This coup launched a two-decades-long string of successes which included Government House, court houses, banks, hotels, and residences. He also pursued business careers in inland shipping and land speculation. In 1898 he married Florence Eleanor Nunn (1870-1929) and had two children, Francis Burgoyne and Mary. Rattenbury's fortunes began to flag with the beginning of World War I. After 1914 commissions were infrequent, and his land ventures in central British Columbia were unsuccessful. In 1925 Rattenbury and his wife divorced, and he married Alma Victoria Pakenham. They had one son, John. In 1930 he moved to England with his new family and settled in Bournemouth, where he was effectively retired. On March 23, 1935, Francis Rattenbury was murdered by his wife's paramour George Percy Stoner, which led to one of Britain's most sensational murder trials of the century.

Francis Burgoyne Rattenbury was born in Victoria on January 14, 1899. He married Sarah Kathleen Grogan (1905-1946) on July 10, 1928. They had one son, Edward (Ted) Rattenbury and later divorced.

Mary Rattenbury was born in Victoria on May 11, 1904. She married Eric Audley Burton (1897-1971) on April 2, 1930 and they had one daughter, Susan Audley Burton, born March 1, 1933. The Burtons resided in Victoria for many years before retiring to Duncan, B.C., where Mary lived until her death on October 25, 1982.

Burton, Susan

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Susan Burton married Mr. Meyer and later moved to New Zealand.

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