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City of Victoria fonds Victoria (B.C.). City Council
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City of Victoria annual reports

Series consists of annual reports of the City.

Clerk's copies for 1927-1957 include typed sheets listing names and positions of some officers and employees that are not included in the published version. For some years, these lists include committee members as well.

"File" numbers provided in the file listing are not original. They refer to numbers given by the Archives to bound volumes (or, for draft copies, folders) for internal inventory control.

Provenance information has been taken from stamps on reports or on volume covers. Where given in square brackets, this information has been inferred from other volumes with similar binding and complementary date ranges which do have stamps.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Topical index to City Council records

Series consists of an index to the letterbooks, Council minutes, committee reports and resolutions.

Arranged chronologically, one volume per year. Each volume is divided into alphabetical sections. Within each section, topics are entered chronologically throughout the year. In the early volumes the communications inward were indexed, although the material has not survived. The subjects vary over time and are usually well cross referenced.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council minutes

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings. Primary access to these records is through microfilm copies in the Archives; minutes for the most recent years are also available on the City's web site ( ).

The series includes one volume of draft minutes from 1867-1870. It also contains one volume of minutes from Feb - Sep 1876 pertaining to committees, such as Committee of the Whole, Board of Health, Water Works, and Finance (due to the fact that there was no clear distinction between the meeting arrangements and recordkeeping of Council and its committees at this time). There is also a DVD of the City's 150 anniversary special Council meeting on August 2, 2012.

The Council minutes can be accessed in several manners: through the index to Council minutes (CR-0002), the topical indexes (CR-0015), and through a subject card index created by Archives staff covering the years 1862 to 1870.

A related series (CR-0048) consists of one volume of minutes of special and closed Council meetings from 1896 to 1900, which contains only 27 pages but includes, among other things, information relating to Council's actions regarding the collapse of the Point Ellice Bridge.

The minutes were handwritten until 1909.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council minutes index

Series consists of an index to City Council minutes (CR-0001).

Records from 1879 to 1918 consist of single volumes for each calendar year. These volumes consist of separate sections for each letter of the alphabet, with individual entries in these sections listed sequentially by date. Access to the minutes through these volumes sometimes requires inferences about which committee was responsible for a particular activity, since topics tend to be recorded only once and listed (where appropriate) under the name of the responsible committee with the topic given as a sub-heading; the issuing of warrants, for example, is found under 'F' for 'Finance Committee - Warrants' rather than under 'W' for warrants. References are to page numbers in the Council minutes volumes.

Records for 1977 to 1980 are in card index format, arranged alphabetically by subject within each year. Records for 1985-1993, which consist of legal size pages filed with the minutes at the beginning of the specific year to which they pertain, are also arranged alphabetically by subject. The index for these years provides better access than the volumes for 1879-1918, but may still cause difficulty in locating topics due to minimal cross-referencing for some years. The index for 1990-1992 will be found on the microfilm version of the Council minutes for those years. These lists are supplemented by the topical indexes (CR-0015), which also index the Council minutes. A draft index to the minutes for 1862-1871 compiled by Archives staff is also available.

There are gaps in the records for 1892-1893, 1906, 1919-1976, and 1981-1982, and 1989.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council committee reports

Series consists of reports to City Council by various committees. Prior to the implementation of the committee system in 1885, ad hoc committees were common, and their reports were recorded in the Council minutes (CR-0001).

The reports began to be numbered in 1891. These numbers were used as references in the indexes: the record of reports of committees (CR-0005) and the topical indexes (CR-0015). A chronological item-level descriptive list provides some subject access to the reports for 1885 to 1892.

There are gaps in this series for the first half of 1887, the first half of 1888 and all of 1890.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Record of reports of City Council committees

Series consists of a listing of committee reports to Council.

Arranged by file number but not date or subject, although there is a brief subject description of each committee report. For subject access to reports from 1914-1974, see the topical index (CR-0015)

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council resolutions

Series consists of formal statements of City Council agreed to after the consideration of a motion.

For indexes to the resolutions, see CR-0008.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Record of City Council resolutions

Series consists of an index to Council resolutions (CR-0007). It records the following information: the mover and seconder of each resolution, the result of the motion, the subject of the resolution, and its file number.

Arranged chronologically by individual resolution, with sequential numerical references to each.

Subject access to the resolutions is available through the topical index (CR-0015, 1914-1974). See also the index to Council minutes (CR-0002, pre-dominantly 1879-1918 and 1977-1988), which lists topics dealt with by Council but not specific resolutions.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council letterbook

Series consists of copies of letters sent outward by the City Clerk, mostly communications ordered by Council.

Because the letters were bound chronologically, access is most effective using the alphabetical indexes to the letterbooks. Indexes for 1870 to 1893 are bound in at the beginning of the corresponding letterbooks, providing an alphabetical listing of names of correspondents, whether persons or organizations. Independent indexes providing similar listings are available for 1894 to 1973 (CR-0010), although these indexes also provide in addition a note on the topic of each letter. Subject access can also be obtained through the topical index (CR-0015), which covers the period from 1914 to 1974.

The series is relatively complete, with only a few gaps within years from 1902 to 1908. The first two letterbooks cover 1 April 1870 to 7 April 1873 and 31 March 1870 to 10 June 1875 respectively. The latter volume covers mostly mid 1873 to 1875 but there is still considerable overlap.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council letterbook index

Series consists of an index to letters sent outward (CR-0009).

Each volume is divided into alphabetical sections. Within each section the names of correspondents, whether persons or organizations, are listed chronologically throughout the year. The index also provides in addition a note on the topic of each letter.

See also the indexes to individual letterbooks before 1893 (CR-0009) and the topical index (CR-0015).

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council correspondence inward

This 31 cm of correspondence is all that remains of the letters received by the City Clerk before 1940.

The correspondence covers a wide range of subjects, but there is no alphabetical subject index to it. A chronological item-level descriptive list, however, provides some access to correspondents and subjects for the existing letters. All correspondence inward from 1893 onwards, whether existing or not, is indexed chronologically in the communications received index (CR-0014).
For other series of letters received, see CR-0012 (1940-1974) and CR-0013 (special correspondence inward).

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council communications received

Series consists of letters received by the Clerk's Office, other than those received primarily from internal and external governmental agencies (for which see CR-0013).

The material is arranged chronologically by received stamp number. "File numbers" (as provided in the file list for this series) combine file and item numbers; for example, "089 001-078" refers to file 89, items 1 through 78. "Reference" numbers are consecutive numbers given to individual items regardless of which file they are part of. In other words, reference numbers "31114-31266" are another way of pointing to the same items indicated by the file numbers "089 001-078".

Access to these records is provided by the communications received index (CR-0014), which is arranged chronologically by received stamp number and includes for each entry the sender and subject. Access can also be obtained through the topical index (CR-0015).
For other series of letters received, see CR-0011 (1862-1916) and CR-0013 (special correspondence inward).

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Special City Council correspondence inward

Series consists of letters received by the City Clerk from different City departments, community organizations, the federal and provincial governments, professional organizations, and municipalities throughout the world.

Although there are letters dating back to 1908, most of the material dates from the mid 1930's. There are two sequences of records within this series; the first ranging from the earliest material to the 1950s, and the second covering the 1950s through to 1973. This correspondence is arranged by subject and is filed either by received stamp number or chronologically. If the letter received originated within the City administration there will be no received stamp number, it will not be listed in the communications received index (CR-0014), and the file will be arranged chronologically. If the material received originated outside the City administration it will be arranged according to received stamp number and will be listed in the index.

Council meeting agendas, originally described as part of this series, were transferred to CR-0327 (Council Agendas) in 2006.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council communications received index

Series consists of an index to three series of letters inward: correspondence inward (CR-0011), communications received (CR-0012), and special correspondence inward (CR-0013).

The entries are arranged by received stamp number, and provide information on date of receipt, sender, and topic.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Reports to City Council on public utilities, transportation, railways, and the Songhees Reserve

Series consists of correspondence, reports, contracts, agreements, tenders, specifications, and resolutions apparently removed by the City Clerk's Office and retained in groupings by topic.

Material pertains to public utilities, transportation, and the B.C. Electric Railway Company (1938-1939); the Victoria and Sidney Railway 1892-1906); and the Songhees Indian Reserve (1884-1906).

Series forms part of earlier City of Victoria Archives' "Series IV, Special Reports and Projects," for which an item list is available.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Index of property-related items submitted to Council or Committee of the Whole

Series consists of an index to property-related items discussed by Council or Committee of the Whole or both.

Includes street name and number, nature of the discussion (heritage designation, strata conversion, and so forth), file number, the date the item went to Committee of the Whole or Council, and its status (approved, declined, tabled, etc).

Victoria (B.C.). City Council


Series consists of original agreements, leases, contracts and other legal documents which pertain to a variety of matters including land purchases, land sales, large building projects, water supply, employment, paving, operations of concessions, Wartime Housing, and union agreements.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Agreements indexes

Series consists of an alphabetical and a numerical index to agreements, the alphabetical list ranging from 1892-1992 and the numerical from 1978-1992.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council


Series consists of local laws and regulations passed by City Council to control, regulate, and administer affairs within its jurisdiction.

The original bylaws are not generally available for access, though bound duplicates of most of them are located in the Archives. While some of the originals are missing, many of those that are can be found among the bound versions. Only those bylaws located in the Archives are included in the file list.

Registered bylaws are those that have been signed and sealed as certified copies of the originals.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Group 'A' Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes or the Group 'A' Committee records (CR-0024).

Arranged chronologically by year, alphabetically within each year by first letter only, and numerically by minute number within each alphabetical section

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Miscellaneous City Council files

Series consists of correspondence, declarations, petitions, briefs, and certificates relating to Council business that were either orphaned from their original filing systems or retained by the Clerk because they did not fit within the regular series of Council records.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council agendas

Series consists of agendas of City Council meetings.

The series includes a variety of correspondence, reports, and other materials that provide the background material for discussion.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council