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Archival description
City Council minutes
CoV-CR-0001 · Series · 1862-2012
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings. Primary access to these records is through microfilm copies in the Archives; minutes for the most recent years are also available on the City's web site ( ).

The series includes one volume of draft minutes from 1867-1870. It also contains one volume of minutes from Feb - Sep 1876 pertaining to committees, such as Committee of the Whole, Board of Health, Water Works, and Finance (due to the fact that there was no clear distinction between the meeting arrangements and recordkeeping of Council and its committees at this time). There is also a DVD of the City's 150 anniversary special Council meeting on August 2, 2012.

The Council minutes can be accessed in several manners: through the index to Council minutes (CR-0002), the topical indexes (CR-0015), and through a subject card index created by Archives staff covering the years 1862 to 1870.

A related series (CR-0048) consists of one volume of minutes of special and closed Council meetings from 1896 to 1900, which contains only 27 pages but includes, among other things, information relating to Council's actions regarding the collapse of the Point Ellice Bridge.

The minutes were handwritten until 1909.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council
City Council minutes index
CoV-CR-0002 · Series · 1879-2003 (predominantly 1879-1918 and 1977-2003)
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of an index to City Council minutes (CR-0001).

Records from 1879 to 1918 consist of single volumes for each calendar year. These volumes consist of separate sections for each letter of the alphabet, with individual entries in these sections listed sequentially by date.

Access to the minutes through these volumes sometimes requires inferences about which committee was responsible for a particular activity, since topics tend to be recorded only once and listed (where appropriate) under the name of the responsible committee with the topic given as a sub-heading; the issuing of warrants, for example, is found under 'F' for 'Finance Committee - Warrants' rather than under 'W' for warrants. References are to page numbers in the Council minutes volumes.

Records for 1977 to 1980 are in card index format, arranged alphabetically by subject within each year. Records for 1985-1995, which consist of legal size pages originally filed with the minutes at the beginning of the specific year to which they pertain, are also arranged alphabetically by subject. The index for these years provides better access than the volumes for 1879-1918, but may still cause difficulty in locating topics due to minimal cross-referencing for some years. The index for 1990-2003 will be found on the microfilm version of the Council minutes for those years.

These lists are supplemented by the topical indexes (CRS 15), which also index the Council minutes. A draft index to the minutes for 1862-1871 compiled by Archives staff is also available.

There are gaps in the records for 1892-1893, 1906, 1919-1976, 1981-1982, 1989, 1996, and 2002.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council
CoV-CR-0275 · Series · 1901
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of the minutes of the Celebration Committee and its various subcommittees during its efforts to commemorate the 1901 May 24th (Victoria Day) celebration. Includes minutes, newsclippings, and advertisements.

Victoria (B.C.). Celebration Committee
Board of Works minutes
CoV-CR-0317 · Series · 1911
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of minutes of meetings of this Board, comprised of City Councillors, which deliberated on issues pertaining to public works such as streets, buildings, land, and water.

Victoria (B.C.). Board of Works
Cemetery Committee minutes
CoV-CR-0321 · Series · 1912
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of minutes of this committee of Council, which dealt with the administration of Ross Bay Cemetery. Includes the minutes of only one meeting, found filed and bound within the records of CRS 202 (Minutes of the Court of Revision on Local Improvements). The meeting pertains to the "removal of the remains of certain persons interred in Block 'D', along the line of the roadway under construction there, in connection with Ross Bay sea wall".

Victoria (B.C.). Cemetery Committee
Board of Supervisors minutes
CoV-CR-0227 · Series · 1912-1928
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of the minutes of the Board of Supervisors, which was constituted under bylaw 1301 (Building Bylaw, 1912), section 2, to hear appeals of decisions by building inspectors against proposed buildings.

Victoria (B.C.). Board of Supervisors
CoV-CR-0015 · Series · 1914-1977
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of an index to the letterbooks, Council minutes, committee reports and resolutions.

Arranged chronologically, one volume per year. Each volume is divided into alphabetical sections. Within each section, topics are entered chronologically throughout the year. In the early volumes the communications inward were indexed, although the material has not survived. The subjects vary over time and are usually well cross referenced.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council
CoV-CR-0329 · Series · 1928-1980
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series includes correspondence relating to applications, minutes, correspondence, draft zoning bylaws, notes and reports related to the creation of zoning bylaws.

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department
CoV-CR-0149 · Series · 1946-1964
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of miscellaneous files produced by the Arena Commission, which oversaw the management and daily operation of Memorial Arena. Records include financial statements, reports on the Arena's structural integrity, minutes of meetings, and annual reports.

Victoria (B.C.). Civic Arena Commission
Buildings Committee minutes
CoV-CR-0038 · Series · 1951
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of one sheet containing minutes 51-17 to 51-20 from the meeting of 15 August 1951.

For an alphabetical index to the minutes of the Building Committee, see CR-0140.

Victoria (B.C.). Buildings Committee
CoV-CR-0036 · Series · 1951
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of mainly of the minutes of this City Council committee.

Includes minutes from two meetings of the Greater Victoria Transportation Committee, one in 1951 and one in 1952. Also includes copies of agendas for the last half of 1951 that were originally filed with the City Clerk for information.

Victoria (B.C.). Transportation, Traffic and Public Safety Committee
CoV-CR-0200 · Series · 1952-1977
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to the regulation and supervision of wrestling and boxing matches in Victoria.

Includes wrestlers' licences (1973-1977), correspondence with City Council (1953-1976), general correspondence (1953-1976), investment receipts and statements ([ca. 1973-1976]), journal (1954-1976), minutes (1954-1975), programs (1959), and rules and regulations (1952-1972).
See bylaw 3723

Victoria (B.C.). Athletic Commission
CoV-CR-0147 · Series · 1956-1958
Part of City of Victoria fonds

Series consists of minutes of meetings of the Greater Victoria Centennial Committee under its mandate to organize and coordinate celebrations in Greater Victoria of the 1958 centenary of the founding of the Colony of British Columbia.

Victoria (B.C.). Greater Victoria Centennial Committee