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Police Court exhibit book

Series consists of a single volume containing a description of the exhibits used in each particular case that came before the Police Court, the name and the date of the case, and when and how the material was disposed of.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Magistrate's record book

Series consists of bound volumes containing the names of individuals charged with an offence, the nature and date of the offence and what action was taken. The action taken could range from a jail sentence, a fine or a remand date.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

City Solicitor miscellaneous files

Series consists of several groups of files with no discernible relationship amongst themselves except that they were created by the City Solicitor at various times.Most date from the period when the City Solicitor was a member of City Hall permane...

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Parks Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the Parks Committee minutes (CR-0107) and the Parks, Boulevards and Recreational Facilities Committee minutes (CR-0041).

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Committee

Demolished building plans

Series consists of files pertaining to residential and commercial buildings demolished in Victoria.The files generally consist of architectural plans and supplementary textual records deposited with or created by the Engineering or Planning Depart...

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Boulevard maintenance ledger

Series consists of a ledger documenting boulevard maintenance taxes.These taxes were collected in accordance to By-law No. 956 which states that 'for the purpose of providing annually the required sum to defray the cost of maintenance and upk...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

City Assessor's daily journal

Series consists of a daily journal compiled by the City Assessor.The journal documents daily appointments relating to the functional areas of assessment, building inspection, and purchasing. The journal was used originally in 1919 with other entr...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

City Council minutes index

Series consists of an index to City Council minutes (CR-0001).Records from 1879 to 1918 consist of single volumes for each calendar year. These volumes consist of separate sections for each letter of the alphabet, with individual entries in these...

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council election nomination papers

Series consists of two forms submitted by each candidate for municipal office. First, the actual nomination paper, listing the name, address, and occupation of the nominee, proposer, seconder and witness. Second, for the early years, a declarati...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Election record books

Series consists of records documenting the results of elections, referenda, loan bylaws and other matters set to a public vote. These records provide the basis for the formal reports sent from the Deputy Returning Officers to the Returning Office...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Public Works Committee records

Series consists of minutes and papers dealing with all issues involving Public Works including construction, maintenance and replacement of streets, lanes, sidewalks, bridges, street lighting, civic floats and wharves, and all matters relating to ...

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Committee

Capital Regional District Committee records

Series consists of minutes and papers of this committee of Council.The committee was originally designed to deal with the Capital Region sewerage issue. The title and probably the responsibilities of this committee have changed. This committee h...

Victoria (B.C.). Capital Regional District Committee

Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this City Council committee. Also includes some agendas originally filed with the City Clerk for information.For an alphabetical index to the minutes of this Committee, see CR-0137.See also CR-0028, Public Works ...

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee

Convention Centre files

Series includes clippings, reports, site information, statistics, plans, and draft agreements pertaining to the development of a convention centre.

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Manager

Advertisement purchasing log

Series consists of correspondence, advertisement rates, and news clippings of advertisements purchased by the City from local newspapers. Advertisements deal with job vacancies, tenders, public notices, and bylaw announcements.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department correspondence

Series consists of correspondence of the City Purchasing Agent.Correspondence deals primarily with policy and procedures of the Purchasing Division with several special occasion files interfiled within.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Recreation and Community Services Department annual reports

Series consists of annual reports documenting the operations of the Department of Recreation and Community Services, including Memorial Arena, Crystal Gardens, Royal Athletic Park, and McPherson Playhouse.

Victoria (B.C.). Recreation and Community Services Department

Centennial Square files

Series consists of the City Manager's administrative and operational files pertaining to the development of Centennial Square.

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Manager

Stores Department stock book

Series consists of a daily journal of goods purchased by the City. Includes order number and account name, amount purchased, unit pricing, ledger category, and total price per order for journal entry.

Victoria (B.C.). Stores Department

Ross Bay Cemetery plot books

Series consists of occupancy records of burial plots in Ross Bay Cemetery. The series includes substantially the same information as that captured on the burial permit (CR-0235). Data elements include: permit number, name, age, where born, where d...

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Committee of the Whole minutes

Series consists of minutes of this special committee of Council, which serves as a forum for Councillors to consider and discuss various issues in a less formal manner than Council meetings themselves permit.

Victoria (B.C.). Committee of the Whole

Zoning and rezoning case files

Series consists of Advisory Planning Commission (APC) zoning and rezoning applications, related reports, correspondence, plans and photographs.Files go up to 1994 however some files may contain more recent information.

Victoria (B.C.). Advisory Planning Commission

Park events permit files

Series consists of park schedules, correspondence, memoranda and other related records concerning Beacon Hill Park, Vic West Skateboard Park and other parks.

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Division

Victoria Centennial Celebration Society files

Series consists of office files generated by the Victoria Centennial Celebration Society under their mandate to organize and coordinate celebrations for the Victoria centennial in 1962. The majority of records deal with cooperative ventures betwe...

Victoria Centennial Celebration Society

City Solicitor's agreements

Series consists of agreements, leases, contracts and other legal documents which pertain to a variety of matters including land purchases, Vic West Arbitration, and expropriation of land at Elk Lake and Sooke Lake and for water works purposes.It a...

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

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