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Mayor's miscellaneous correspondence and invitations

Series consists of invitations and miscellaneous correspondence inward and outward pertaining to protocol visits and ceremonies. Includes items from the British Columbia Rifle Association, the Lieutenant Governor, and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as a variety of greetings and congratulations pertaining to the City's 1962 centenary and a play called "The Victoria Story"

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Memorial Arena policy and procedure manual

Series consists of policy and procedure information for all aspects of Memorial Arena operations. The policies and procedures are divided into 26 sections: Introduction, Administration, Budgeting/Purchasing, Administrative Policies and Procedures, Box Office, Passes/Gratuities, Conditions of Employment, Payroll, Vacations, Automobile/Travel/Training Expenses, Safety/Accidents, Employee Problems, Emergency, Office, Memorial Arena Equipment, Facility Advertising, Agreements/City/Outside, Police Assistance, Complaints, Alcohol and Drugs in Facilities, Smoking in Facilities, Handicapped/Disabled Patrons, Revenue Canada, Victoria Athletic Commission, and Maintenance.

Victoria (B.C.). Memorial Arena Division

Milk Inspector's records

Series consists of butterfat tests book (1939-1949), bacteriological tests book (1947-1950), and a copy of "Testing milk and its products" signed by Tomas Lancaster, City Sanitary Inspector.

Victoria (B.C.). Board of Health

Miscellaneous City Council files

Series consists of correspondence, declarations, petitions, briefs, and certificates relating to Council business that were either orphaned from their original filing systems or retained by the Clerk because they did not fit within the regular series of Council records.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Miscellaneous City investments

Series consists of share certificates for various oil and mining companies, as well as correspondence pertaining to select investments.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Monthly suppliers list

Series consists of a monthly listing of vendors supplying the following products to the City: hardware, lumber, paint, leather goods, stationary, ship chandlery, electrical, groceries, meat, butter, sand and gravel, gasoline, and auto tires.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Neighbourhood Improvement Program records

Series consists of files, photographs, architectural material, and graphic material deriving from the Neighbourhood Improvement Program.

This program was developed in 1973 by the federal government to encourage and support the efforts of municipalities in concert with neighbourhood residents toward the improvement of the physical environment in neighbourhoods needing improvements.

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Parks Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the Parks Committee minutes (CR-0107) and the Parks, Boulevards and Recreational Facilities Committee minutes (CR-0041).

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Committee

Parks and Recreation Department annual reports

Series consists of the annual reports of the Superintendent of Parks, which for some of these years can be found in an edited version in the annual reports of the City (CR-0016).

Victoria (B.C.). Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation Department photographs, news clippings, and pamphlets

Series consists mainly of photographs of various Victoria parks. There are also photographs of other parks in Canada and the United States.

Photographs are divided into files based on photographer, type of photograph, or subject matter. The dates listed are only those noted on some photographs and do not cover all the material in each file. The subject matter is varied covering: aerial photos, Beacon Hill Park, boulevard trees, children and playgrounds, parks, Parks Department projects and personnel, Ross Bay Cemetery, scenic views, storm damage scenes, waterfowl, zoo animals.

In addition, there are a few newclippings, postcards, and pamphlets relating to the Parks Department

Victoria (B.C.). Parks and Recreation Department

Planning annual reports

Series consists of annual reports on the City's planning and development functions.

The are no reports for 1983, 1985, 1986, 1996, 1997, 2002, and 2003.

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Police Court charge book

Series consists of bound volumes containing the names of individuals charged with an offence, the nature and date of the offence and what action was taken. The action taken could range from a jail sentence, a fine or a remand date.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Police Court charge book index

Series consists of bound index volumes containing the names of individuals charged with an offence and the page of the charge book to which it refers.

There is a gap in these records from 1894-1902.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Police Court exhibit book

Series consists of a single volume containing a description of the exhibits used in each particular case that came before the Police Court, the name and the date of the case, and when and how the material was disposed of.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Police Department scrapbook

Series consists of a photocopied scrapbook of news clippings pertaining to the Victoria Police Department.

Victoria (B.C.). Victoria Police Department

Printing purchases journal

Series consists of a journal describing details of printing services and supplies purchased by the City.

Each entry describes the supplier, details of the service or product, and the cost.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Property Manager's lease and purchase files

Series consists of records made and received while administering land and buildings owned by the City. As such, it includes records relating to the purchase, sale, lease, use, and development of City land and buildings.

Victoria (B.C.). Property Manager's Office

Property sales accounts

Series consists of a record of individual property sales, including cash sales (1947-1997), cash sales to veterans (1946-1959), deposits with agreements to purchase (1952-1997), property sales accounts listing credits, debits and interest charges (1926-1968), as well as an alphabetical name index to the property sales accounts.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Property sales journal

Series consists of a daily journal documenting properties sold by the City of Victoria.

Data elements include the legal description of the property, date of sale, the name and address of the property owner, sale price, term, cost price, profit and loss.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Public Works Committee records

Series consists of minutes and papers dealing with all issues involving Public Works including construction, maintenance and replacement of streets, lanes, sidewalks, bridges, street lighting, civic floats and wharves, and all matters relating to highway access to the City and the regulation of signs on land and buildings owned by the City.

See also CR-0043, Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee minutes (1951-1952).

There is a gap in this series from 1942 to 1952.

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Committee

Public Works Committees minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes of the Public Works Committee (CR-0028) and to the Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee minutes (CR-0043).

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Committee

Public Works street and work site photographs

Series consists primarily of photographs of street views and road and sidewalk construction. Also includes photographs of culvert installation, Garbage Wharf, temporary garbage dump at Mud Bay, refuse disposal methods, Point Ellice Bridge construction, Garbally Road Public Works Yard, Bowker Creek, City parkades, and the official opening of the Yates Street Fire Hall.

Photographs were probably taken by Public Works staff as a record of their activities.

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Department

Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this City Council committee. Also includes some agendas originally filed with the City Clerk for information.

For an alphabetical index to the minutes of this Committee, see CR-0137.

See also CR-0028, Public Works Committee records (1926-1962).

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee

Purchasing Department correspondence

Series consists of correspondence of the City Purchasing Agent.

Correspondence deals primarily with policy and procedures of the Purchasing Division with several special occasion files interfiled within.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department monthly reports

Series consists of monthly reports pertaining to the purchase of goods and services.

The reports include aggregate figures regarding requisitions received, purchase orders issued, store accounts issued, invoices passed, and cash discounts taken, as well as notes and working papers used to calculate the reported figures.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

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