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Victoria Eaton Centre inventory of heritage buildings

Series consists of an inventory of heritage buildings on the site of the Victoria Eaton Centre prepared by Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centres for the City of Victoria.Includes photogrammetric recording of all exterior facades, selected interior ph...

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Engineering Department aerial photographs

Series consists of several sets of aerial photography of Victoria used for mapping reference. The photographs pertain mainly to the City of Victoria proper, although there are some of Thetis Lake, Prospect Lake, Elk and Beaver Lakes, and Saanich.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Wholesale liquor licences journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, street, and payment details. In same bound volumes with CR-0254, Retail Liquor Licences and Billiard Tables Journal (vol...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Retail liquor licences and billiard tables journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, name of premises, street, payment details, and remarks.Bylaw 503 indicates City Treasurer provenance from July 1907.In sa...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Register of applications of bartenders for licences

Series consists of a listing of persons applying for bartending licences and the status of their application. Includes application number and date, applicants name and address, and remarks. See bylaws 1728 and 1861.

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Register of real property

Series consists of a register of real property owned by the City.Includes registration number, date of purchase, legal description, size, purchase price, and remarks.Part of single volume including CR-0257, CR-0258, and CR- 0259; located at pp. 2-48.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Register of agreements and leases

Series consists of a register of agreements and leases between the City and various parties.Part of single volume including CR-0256, 0258, and 0259; located at pp. 82-99 (agreements 1-380, 1892-1927) and pp. 122-154 (agreements 380-471, 1927-1956).

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Register of tax sale deeds

Series consists of a register of deeds owned by various parties as a result of purchasing tax sale properties from the City. Includes number, date, legal description, certificate number, and remarks.Part of single volume including CR-0256, 0257, a...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Agreements of sale for reverted lands

Series consists of a list of agreements of sale between the City and various parties for properties reverted to the City for default of taxes.Includes tax roll number, date, name, legal description, and purchase price.Part of single volume includi...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Land acquisition documents

Series consists of records dealing with land sales including conveyances, deeds, mortgages, and land and Crown grants.The documentation traces the history of ownership of various properties until they come into the possession of the Corporation of...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Purchasing Department tenders log

Series consists of a log of tenders received by the City for various goods and services.Includes information on what the tender is about, the date and time it was received, who it was from, who received it, and the date it was submitted to Council.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Local improvement bylaws index

Series consists of an index to local improvement bylaws pertaining to street work such as sewers, paving, lighting, and sidewalks.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Ross Bay Cemetery monthly burial register

Series consists of records of interments in Ross Bay Cemetery.There are eight volumes in this series. The first three volumes (1883-1890) contain the following data elements: name, age (years/months), where born, where died, date of death, day an...

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Building permit applications

Series consists of a log of building permits issued by the City.Includes information on the date and number of the permit, owner of the property, its legal description, and the street on which it is located. Also includes information on how many ...

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Department

Ross Bay Cemetery grass plot books

The series consists of receipts for a contract for the maintenance of grass plots in Ross Bay Cemetery.Each license consists of two parts, a duplicate that remained in the volume, and an original that was retained by the applicant. Each record co...

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Agreements for sale of property and quit claims

Series consists of a description of agreements for sale and quit claims between various parties that were used to amend the assessment roll by keeping property ownership information up to date.Although the cover of the volume indicates that it con...

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor

Assessment roll working copy

Series consists of a set of tax rolls that were created as working documents used in compiling the assessment portion of the Assessor's and Collector's rolls.The volumes are divided into several chronological groups: 1916-1918, 1919-1921...

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor

Assessment roll comparisons

Series consists of a volume of tax assessment information that provides comparisons for the years 1892, 1894, 1897, 1900, and 1905.Includes only the following information: lot and block number, measurement, street, name, assessment on land, and a...

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor

Water Works ledger

Series consists of a journal recording water works billing accounts.The billing of customers was performed on a bi-monthly basis.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Celebration Committee records

Series consists of the minutes of the Celebration Committee and its various subcommittees during its efforts to commemorate the 1901 May 24th (Victoria Day) celebration. Includes minutes, newsclippings, and advertisements.

Victoria (B.C.). Celebration Committee

Estimates and expenses journal

Series consists of estimates and expenses regarding City buildings such as City Hall, fire halls, the market, the pound, and the Isolation Hospital, as well as Ross Bay Cemetery.Originally from the office of W.W. Northcott.

Victoria (B.C.). Superintendent of Public Works

Election expenses journal

Series consists of a journal of expenses incurred in the holding of elections for Mayors, Councillors, School Trustees, and other elected officials, as well as votes on special bylaws and referenda.Originally from the office of W.W. Northcott.

Victoria (B.C.). Returning Officer

Assessor's office expense journal

Series consists of a journal of salaries and other expenses pertaining to the office of the City Assessor.In a volume originally from the office of W.W. Northcott.

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor

Unemployment Relief Office payroll records

Series consists of monthly payroll records for the Unemployment Relief Office.Includes name of employee, position, monthly salary, deductions, and some remarks. Each volume includes a list of employees with addresses and telephone numbers at the ...

Victoria (B.C.). Unemployment Relief Office

Rezoning application register

Series consists of a register of applications (1-301) to Council for rezoning land. Includes information on the application number, date, street, legal description of property, nature of the rezoning applied for, name of the applicant, and whethe...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Johnson Street Bridge files

Series consists of records pertaining to operation and maintenance of the Johnson Street Bridge. Includes correspondence, maintenance files, and cement test results.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Johnson Street Bridge daily log book

Series consists of a record of railway and navigation traffic using and requiring operation of the Johnson Street Bascule Bridge.Includes daily information on the time the bridge was raised, for what vessel, and whether it was entering or leaving ...

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Purchasing Department suppliers list

Series consists of a journal describing details of equipment and supplies available for purchase from various suppliers and manufacturers.The entries generally refer to goods other than vehicles and machinery (which are described in series CR-0248...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Water Works workbook

Series consists of a set of technical working journals used for calculations and estimates relating to the water supply.Includes information on rainfall, reservoir capacity, pipes and mains, water usage, and other matters related to the supply and...

Victoria (B.C.). Water Works

Engineering Department letters and reports

Series consists of letters and reports sent outward from the Engineering Department to other City agencies and the general public regarding all aspects of departmental operations.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Engineering Department letters and reports index

Series consists of an index to the Engineering Department letters and reports (CR-0289).The index consists of yearly volumes that provide references to document numbers, file numbers, and topics. Topical searches will yield document numbers point...

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Mayor's miscellaneous correspondence and invitations

Series consists of invitations and miscellaneous correspondence inward and outward pertaining to protocol visits and ceremonies. Includes items from the British Columbia Rifle Association, the Lieutenant Governor, and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as...

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Election records

Series includes declarations of result of polls, vote counts, alphabetical divisions of polls, supply lists, and notes created in the course of administering elections and referenda.

Victoria (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Assessors and Collectors roll renumbering

Series consists of project documents related to reorganizing and renumbering the Assessors and Collectors rolls, including a conversion list of old and new roll numbers, correspondence, and plans showing the location of blocks within sub-districts.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Public Works street and work site photographs

Series consists primarily of photographs of street views and road and sidewalk construction. Also includes photographs of culvert installation, Garbage Wharf, temporary garbage dump at Mud Bay, refuse disposal methods, Point Ellice Bridge construc...

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Department

Advertising signage photographs

Series consists of photographs of advertising billboards and other signage in the downtown area, James Bay, and Vic West.The photographs were, in all probability, taken as supporting evidence for proposed amendments to the 1963 sign bylaw (no. 533...

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Demolished building photographs

Series consists of photographs of buildings taken at the time a building permit application for demolition was submitted.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Summaries of the status and use of land in the City

Series consists of information regarding properties owned and leased by and to the City of Victoria, summaries of lands held for school purposes, Provincial Government lands, Federal Government lands, and lands qualifying for permissive exemptions...

Victoria (B.C.). Collector

Memorial Arena policy and procedure manual

Series consists of policy and procedure information for all aspects of Memorial Arena operations. The policies and procedures are divided into 26 sections: Introduction, Administration, Budgeting/Purchasing, Administrative Policies and Procedures,...

Victoria (B.C.). Memorial Arena Division

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