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Group 'B' Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of this standing committee of Council, which dealt with matters relating to public works.

The following committees reported to the Group 'B' Committee: the Public Works Committee; the Parks and Beautification Committee; the Community Development Committee; the Traffic, Street Design and Street Lighting Committee; and the Urban Renewal Committee. Included in addition to the material of the Group 'B' Committee are agendas, minutes, and papers of the Public Works Committee (CR-0028).

Victoria (B.C.). Group "B" Committee

Sewer easement records

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, and agreements pertaining to sewer easements sought by the City.

This fragment of the original series comprises files 72-75.

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor's Office

Ross Bay Cemetery plot licenses

Series consists of receipts for licenses for plots in Ross Bay Cemetery.

Each license consists of two parts, an original that remained in the volume, and a duplicate original that was retained by the applicant. Each record contains the following data elements: license number, name, address, amount paid, location of plot(s) purchased, date and was signed by both the Secretary of Ross Bay Cemetery and the undertaker or purchaser.

Starting in volume 5, copies of “Application for a deed of cemetery plot” and correspondence are often attached to the license. The burial permit number(s) is noted on the license.

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Centennial Square files

Series consists of the City Manager's administrative and operational files pertaining to the development of Centennial Square.

Victoria (B.C.). City Manager's Office

City Solicitor files

Series consists of files from the office of City Solicitor Terence O'Grady (1956-1972).

They include bylaws and correspondence on local improvements, legislative regulations, agreements and other matters as well as minutes of various committees with which the Solicitor was concerned.

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor's Office

City Solicitor miscellaneous files

Series consists of several groups of files with no discernible relationship amongst themselves except that they were created by the City Solicitor at various times.

Most date from the period when the City Solicitor was a member of City Hall permanent staff. The series covers a full range of typical Solicitor activities including the preparation of bylaws and legislation, negotiation of agreements and contracts for local improvements, sale of lands, and supply of services to the City, general counsel in litigation, and drafting of legal opinions.

A substantial group of files concerned with the building of Johnson St. Bridge (1911-1923) is comprised of records created by the City Engineer. These may have been brought together to handle potential litigation, given the City of Victoria's sensitivity to liability arising from the Point Ellice Bridge streetcar disaster of 1896.

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor's Office

City Solicitor operational files

Series consists of files created by the City Solicitor from the first appointment to permanent staff of the City in 1910 to the contracting out of the work in 1956. Some files predate the appointment of a staff solicitor when the City's legal work was contracted out to various legal firms.

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor's Office

Police Court charge book

Series consists of bound volumes containing the names of individuals charged with an offence, the nature and date of the offence and what action was taken. The action taken could range from a jail sentence, a fine or a remand date.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Police Court charge book index

Series consists of bound index volumes containing the names of individuals charged with an offence and the page of the charge book to which it refers.

There is a gap in these records from 1894-1902.

Victoria (B.C.). Police Court

Voters list

Series consists of lists of all eligible voters.

The lists were updated annually at first and later semi-annually. The only voters lists available before 1908 are those for 1865, 1885, and 1896.

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

City Council committee reports

Series consists of reports to City Council by various committees. Prior to the implementation of the committee system in 1885, ad hoc committees were common, and their reports were recorded in the Council minutes (CR-0001).

The reports began to be numbered in 1891. These numbers were used as references in the indexes: the record of reports of committees (CR-0005) and the topical indexes (CR-0015). A chronological item-level descriptive list provides some subject access to the reports for 1885 to 1892.

There are gaps in this series for the first half of 1887, the first half of 1888 and all of 1890.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

City Council minutes

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings. Primary access to these records is through microfilm copies in the Archives; minutes for the most recent years are also available on the City's web site ( ).

The series includes one volume of draft minutes from 1867-1870. It also contains one volume of minutes from Feb - Sep 1876 pertaining to committees, such as Committee of the Whole, Board of Health, Water Works, and Finance (due to the fact that there was no clear distinction between the meeting arrangements and recordkeeping of Council and its committees at this time). There is also a DVD of the City's 150 anniversary special Council meeting on August 2, 2012.

The Council minutes can be accessed in several manners: through the index to Council minutes (CR-0002), the topical indexes (CR-0015), and through a subject card index created by Archives staff covering the years 1862 to 1870.

A related series (CR-0048) consists of one volume of minutes of special and closed Council meetings from 1896 to 1900, which contains only 27 pages but includes, among other things, information relating to Council's actions regarding the collapse of the Point Ellice Bridge.

The minutes were handwritten until 1909.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Lower Yates Street

Looking S.W. toward the harbour. On the south side of the street the shadows reveal Commercial and Court Alleys.

Baltzly, Benjamin, 1835-1883

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