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Zoning and rezoning case files

Series consists of Advisory Planning Commission (APC) zoning and rezoning applications, related reports, correspondence, plans and photographs.

Files go up to 1994 however some files may contain more recent information.

Victoria (B.C.). Advisory Planning Commission

Wholesale liquor licences journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, street, and payment details. In same bound volumes with CR-0254, Retail Liquor Licences and Billiard Tables Journal (volumes printed tete-beche).

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Water Works workbook

Series consists of a set of technical working journals used for calculations and estimates relating to the water supply.

Includes information on rainfall, reservoir capacity, pipes and mains, water usage, and other matters related to the supply and distribution of water.

Victoria (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works record of new services

Series consists of a chronological listing of permits taken out for connection to City water services. Includes information on: permit number, date, name of applicant, lot, block, section, street and number, size of service, amount paid, and remarks.

Victoria (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works ledger

Series consists of a journal recording water works billing accounts.

The billing of customers was performed on a bi-monthly basis.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Water Works journal

Series consists of a journal recording water works billing accounts. The billing of customers was performed on a bi-monthly basis.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Water Works general ledger

Series consists of a general ledger of the Victoria section of the water works. The ledger has accounts numbered 1 through 96 dealing with all aspects of the water works.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Water Works day book

Series consists of a daily journal of activities of a Water Works official.

Victoria (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works data and reports

Series consists of data and reports compiled for the Water Committee, including a variety of reports with plans on electrolysis damage.

Victoria (B.C.). Water Commissioner

Water Works cost ledger

Series consists of a special ledger dealing with the Victoria water works. The ledgers contain detailed information on specific water accounts.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Water Works Esquimalt section ledger

Series consists of a ledger of the Esquimalt section of the Victoria water works. Accounts deal with all aspects of running the Esquimalt area water works.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Voters list

Series consists of lists of all eligible voters.

The lists were updated annually at first and later semi-annually. The only voters lists available before 1908 are those for 1865, 1885, and 1896.

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Victoria and Saanich Beaches and Parks Committee records

Series consists of correspondence and papers of this committee of Council.

The committee was formed because the City of Victoria owned several parks within the boundaries of the Municipality of Saanich, the most notable being Mount Douglas Park. This committee was also known as the Victoria Saanich Mount Douglas Park Committee.

Victoria (B.C.). Victoria and Saanich Beaches and Parks Committee

Victoria Town Planning Commission records

Series consists of minutes, annual reports, discussion materials, correspondence and articles of this agency, which was designed to advise Council on overall planning and development within the City.

The Commission was established in 1945 under bylaw 3122 (revised by bylaw 3652), under the authority of the Town Planning Act of BC (SBC 1925, C. 55). It was superseded by the Advisory Planning Commission in 1958.

Victoria (B.C.). Town Planning Commission

Victoria Parking Commission records

Series consists of the records of this agency, which was formed to oversee the planning and development of parking facilities in the City of Victoria.

Victoria (B.C.). Parking Commission

Victoria Emergency Program records

Series consists of administrative records as well as reference and promotional material pertaining to civil defence and emergency protective services in Victoria.

Documents from 1943 to 1962 consist mainly of reference and promotional material such as pamphlets, periodicals, reports and books about civil defence planning, first aid, communications, fallout shelters, emergency feeding, nuclear warfare and related topics, as well as some 40 posters pertaining to civil defence awareness. The administrative records range mainly from 1964 to 1979. Also included are Civil Defence headquarters blueprints, general signage, first-aid station log, and exercise alert signage.

In 1974 the name of the agency changed from the Victoria Civil Defence Control Board to the Victoria Emergency Program.

Victoria (B.C.). Victoria Emergency Program

Victoria Eaton Centre inventory of heritage buildings

Series consists of an inventory of heritage buildings on the site of the Victoria Eaton Centre prepared by Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centres for the City of Victoria.

Includes photographs of all exterior facades, selected interior photography keyed to a schematic drawing of the interior, and general exterior photographs of each building including close-up exterior details of the following buildings on Douglas, Fort, Broad, and Government Streets: Driard Hotel, Spencer's Block, Spencer's Arcade, Times, Montague Bridgman, Kresge (Marks & Spencer), Winch, Kent Hotel, Wilson, Brown, Melrose, and Eaton's interior details

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Victoria Civic Arena Commission records

Series consists of miscellaneous files produced by the Arena Commission, which oversaw the management and daily operation of Memorial Arena. Records include financial statements, reports on the Arena's structural integrity, minutes of meetings, and annual reports.

Victoria (B.C.). Civic Arena Commission

Victoria Centennial Celebration Society files

Series consists of office files generated by the Victoria Centennial Celebration Society under their mandate to organize and coordinate celebrations for the Victoria centennial in 1962. The majority of records deal with cooperative ventures between the Committee and cultural groups of the City. The remainder of records deal with the general administration of the Committee

Victoria Centennial Celebration Society

Victoria Athletic Commission operational files

Series consists of records pertaining to the regulation and supervision of wrestling and boxing matches in Victoria.

Includes wrestlers' licences (1973-1977), correspondence with City Council (1953-1976), general correspondence (1953-1976), investment receipts and statements ([ca. 1973-1976]), journal (1954-1976), minutes (1954-1975), programs (1959), and rules and regulations (1952-1972).
See bylaw 3723

Victoria (B.C.). Athletic Commission

Vehicle purchases journal

Series consists of a journal describing details of cars and trucks purchased by the City.

Also describes, under "miscellaneous equipment," purchases of such things as cash registers, air conditioners, washing machines, lawn mowers, and other machinery.

Each entry describes the supplier, details of the product, and the cost.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Unemployment Relief Office payroll records

Series consists of monthly payroll records for the Unemployment Relief Office.

Includes name of employee, position, monthly salary, deductions, and some remarks. Each volume includes a list of employees with addresses and telephone numbers at the end.

Victoria (B.C.). Unemployment Relief Office

Transportation, Traffic and Public Safety Committee minutes

Series consists of mainly of the minutes of this City Council committee.

Includes minutes from two meetings of the Greater Victoria Transportation Committee, one in 1951 and one in 1952. Also includes copies of agendas for the last half of 1951 that were originally filed with the City Clerk for information.

Victoria (B.C.). Transportation, Traffic and Public Safety Committee

Traffic and Transportation Committee records

Series consists of minutes, agendas, correspondence, and reports of this special committee of Council, which was created to investigate traffic and transportation issues and provide recommendations for changes to Council through its Group "B" Committee.

Victoria (B.C.). Traffic and Transportation Committee

Traffic Subcommittee records

Series consists of minutes, correspondence, and reports of this subcommittee of Council's Group "B" Committee, which was created to investigate traffic and transportation issues and provide recommendations for changes to Council.

Victoria (B.C.). Traffic Subcommittee

Trade license assessment roll

Series consists of a list of trade license holders, used to record the amount of taxes that anyone operating a business (e.g. real estate agents, laundry operators, doctors, hack drivers) was required to pay to the City semi-annually. The roll records the names of trade license holders, their occupation or business, amount of tax paid, number of receipt, date paid, and notes.

Although by-laws 620 and 624, passed on 14 July 1909 and 2 August 1909 respectively, deal specifically with trade licenses, revenue bylaws beginning in 1866 dealt with raising money by taxation of businesses; schedules attached to these bylaws give the amounts that different types of businesses were required to pay. For the general bylaw closest in time to these records, see bylaw 321 (The Revenue Bylaw, 1900).

Trade licenses were the responsibility of the City Collector.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Topical index to City Council records

Series consists of an index to the letterbooks, Council minutes, committee reports and resolutions.

Arranged chronologically, one volume per year. Each volume is divided into alphabetical sections. Within each section, topics are entered chronologically throughout the year. In the early volumes the communications inward were indexed, although the material has not survived. The subjects vary over time and are usually well cross referenced.

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Thomas Shanks McPherson estate statements of accounts

Series consists of the financial statement of accounts of the Thomas Shanks McPherson estate conducted by the firm of Ismay, Boiston, Dunn & Co. on behalf of the estate trustee Canada Trust Company.

Records were submitted to and debated by the City Council on 5 December 1967 and placed on file at City Hall.

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Tenders index

Series consists of an alphabetical index to City tenders for goods and services.

The index is divided into two parts chronologically; the first part covers the years 1966-1990, while the second covers 1991-1999.

Victoria (B.C.). Supply Management Division

Tenders and quotations

Series consists of tenders and quotations for equipment, supplies, and services considered for purchase by the City.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Tax sale redemption receipts

Series consists of receipts issued upon the redemption of properties scheduled for tax sale by the payment of back taxes owed to the City.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Tax sale record

Series consists of a journal documenting private properties sold by the City of Victoria for non-payment of property taxes.

Data elements include the legal description of the property, the total delinquent taxes, the name and address of the property owner, the method by which the owner was contacted, a description of the real property sold, the name and address of the purchaser at the tax sale, and an annotation stating whether or not the property owner redeemed the property.

The 1915-1945 volume consists of the tax sale record for 1915-1919 and aggregate tax sales information for 1915-1949 (the latter at p. 38).

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Tax sale cards

Series consists of descriptions of properties reverted to the City for taxes.

The records capture the following kinds of information: location, legal description, tax roll number, assessed value of land and improvements, upset price, tax sale date, titles, frontages, purchaser, purchase price, date of sale, and whether the property was reserved for municipal use.

Cards capture three levels of information over different periods of time: (1) the initial tax sale of the property, usually written in ink and documenting the years 1915-1935; (2) annotations detailing the taxes on the property for the years 1939-1942; and (3) annotations spanning the years 1955-1968, recording the date that the property was sold and the sale price. Some cards also contain a sketch of the property on the back of the card.

There are three separate groupings of cards.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Tax assessment photographs

Series consists of photographs created by the Assessor to assist in the assessment of taxes. Photographs depict both commercial and residential properties.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Survey field books

Series consists of various types of survey books, mainly field books, used by surveyors for making notes when determining elevations of land and locations of natural and manmade features of the landscape.

The field books contain notes on numerous topics such as land benchmarks (elevations), monument locations and topography, centerlines, flowlines, road straightening lines, and city boundary lines. In addition to the notes and measurements, many of the field books contain such information as diagrams, sketches, profiles, and drawings of various streets, sidewalks, buildings and waterways.

The “Description” column of the location list may refer to more than one numerical reference per book. In such cases, the first number in the description refers to a stamp on the cover of the volume apparently added by the Engineering Department sometime after the volumes were initially created. The description may also contain the name of the surveyor and the number he assigned the volume, separated by a dash. For example, "46; D.A. Rose - No. 5" refers to volume 46 in the overall departmental arrangement, which is D.A. Rose's personal book number 5.

Notes regarding topics of interest within individual volumes are located in the “Description” column of the list with in parentheses.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Supplies used by City departments

Series consists of lists, reports, and notes describing the amount of various items used by City departments each year, such as coal, gasoline, oil, and milk. Also includes descriptions of other purchases such as cars and trucks and cluster lamps.

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Supplementary tax roll

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, copies of cheques, cheque requisitions, journal vouchers, journal entries, and supplementary roll changes used to document revisions to the assessment roll and any additional taxes or refunds due property owners.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

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