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Group 'A' Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of this standing committee of Council, which dealt with matters of a financial nature.

There are a number of committees that reported to the Group 'A' Committee: the Finance Committee; the Health, Welfare and Personnel Committee; the Lands and Fire Wardens Committee; the Public Transportation Committee; and the Inter-municipal Committee.

Included in addition to the material of the Group 'A' Committee are agendas, minutes, and papers of the Finance Committee (CR-0026) and the Greater Victoria Intermunicipal Committee (CR-0027).

For an alphabetical index to the minutes of the Group 'A' Committee, see CR-0132.

Victoria (B.C.). Group "A" Committee

Land Committee minutes

Series consists of recommendations to Council regarding City land sales for veterans and ordinary sales, offers to purchase land received, and a variety of other business dealing with such matters as demolitions and zoning.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Committee

Group 'A' Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes or the Group 'A' Committee records (CR-0024).

Arranged chronologically by year, alphabetically within each year by first letter only, and numerically by minute number within each alphabetical section

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Finance Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes in Series 26, Finance Committee (CR-0026) and the Finance, Lands, Housing, Market, Public Utilities and Intermunicipal Committee minutes (CR-0042).

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Committee

Tax sale record

Series consists of a journal documenting private properties sold by the City of Victoria for non-payment of property taxes.

Data elements include the legal description of the property, the total delinquent taxes, the name and address of the property owner, the method by which the owner was contacted, a description of the real property sold, the name and address of the purchaser at the tax sale, and an annotation stating whether or not the property owner redeemed the property.

The 1915-1945 volume consists of the tax sale record for 1915-1919 and aggregate tax sales information for 1915-1949 (the latter at p. 38).

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Fire insurance register

Series consists of a bound volume documenting City owned properties and their assessed value.

These assessments were used as the basis of insuring City-owned property. Data elements include the item number, name of property, location or legal description, type of construction, risk number, and value of building and contents.
Series is arranged in three year blocks : 1940-1942; 1943-1945; 1946-1948; and 1949-1951.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Tax sale cards

Series consists of descriptions of properties reverted to the City for taxes.

The records capture the following kinds of information: location, legal description, tax roll number, assessed value of land and improvements, upset price, tax sale date, titles, frontages, purchaser, purchase price, date of sale, and whether the property was reserved for municipal use.

Cards capture three levels of information over different periods of time: (1) the initial tax sale of the property, usually written in ink and documenting the years 1915-1935; (2) annotations detailing the taxes on the property for the years 1939-1942; and (3) annotations spanning the years 1955-1968, recording the date that the property was sold and the sale price. Some cards also contain a sketch of the property on the back of the card.

There are three separate groupings of cards.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land Department record of documents issued

Series consists of a chronological listing of indefeasible titles and conveyances issued by the City pertaining to the sale of City properties.

The records capture the following kinds of information: date, nature of the document, title number, description of the property, and recipient.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land journal

Series consists of a daily record of money received for rent and sales of City properties.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Property sales journal

Series consists of a daily journal documenting properties sold by the City of Victoria.

Data elements include the legal description of the property, date of sale, the name and address of the property owner, sale price, term, cost price, profit and loss.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land ledger

Series consists of a record of cumulative totals of funds entered against various accounts such as cash sales, rentals, tax sales, and agreements receivable.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Property sales accounts

Series consists of a record of individual property sales, including cash sales (1947-1997), cash sales to veterans (1946-1959), deposits with agreements to purchase (1952-1997), property sales accounts listing credits, debits and interest charges (1926-1968), as well as an alphabetical name index to the property sales accounts.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land Registry Office application books

Series consists of a journal of applications by the City for certificates of title from the Land Registry Office.

Provides information on the date of the application, the vendor, a description of the parcel of land, the nature of the deed, the application number, and the date the certificate of title was received.

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor's Office

Register of real property

Series consists of a register of real property owned by the City.

Includes registration number, date of purchase, legal description, size, purchase price, and remarks.

Part of single volume including CR-0257, CR-0258, and CR- 0259; located at pp. 2-48.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Land acquisition documents

Series consists of records dealing with land sales including conveyances, deeds, mortgages, and land and Crown grants.

The documentation traces the history of ownership of various properties until they come into the possession of the Corporation of the City of Victoria.

The City acquired ownership of many of these properties for the purpose of rights of way for sewer, paths etc., the creation or extension of roads, or for public schools. City properties acquired for other purposes include the BC Agricultural Association lands at Willows in Oak Bay, the proposed cemetery at Ogden Point and Ross Bay Cemetery. Copies of various Crown grants such as the James Bay mud flats, Mt. Douglas and Beacon Hill Park are also included.

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Agreements for sale of property and quit claims

Series consists of a description of agreements for sale and quit claims between various parties that were used to amend the assessment roll by keeping property ownership information up to date.

Although the cover of the volume indicates that it contains items 47755G to 88818G, the records themselves range from 48646G to 88818G.

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor's Office

Index of property-related items submitted to Council or Committee of the Whole

Series consists of an index to property-related items discussed by Council or Committee of the Whole or both.

Includes street name and number, nature of the discussion (heritage designation, strata conversion, and so forth), file number, the date the item went to Committee of the Whole or Council, and its status (approved, declined, tabled, etc).

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Summaries of the status and use of land in the City

Series consists of information regarding properties owned and leased by and to the City of Victoria, summaries of lands held for school purposes, Provincial Government lands, Federal Government lands, and lands qualifying for permissive exemptions such as private schools, churches, seniors' homes, cemeteries and hospitals. The summaries include detailed descriptions of each property and plan of lot.

Victoria (B.C.). Collector's Office

Land Department agreements

Series consists of copies of agreements, leases, contracts and other legal documents which pertain to City-owned or leased land. These are copies of the original agreements forwarded to the Lands Department by the City Clerk.

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Property Manager's lease and purchase files

Series consists of records made and received while administering land and buildings owned by the City. As such, it includes records relating to the purchase, sale, lease, use, and development of City land and buildings.

Victoria (B.C.). Property Manager's Office