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Group 'A' Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of this standing committee of Council, which dealt with matters of a financial nature.There are a number of committees that reported to the Group 'A' Committee: the Finance Committee; the H...

Victoria (B.C.). Group "A" Committee

Finance Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of the Finance Committee reporting to the Group 'A' Committee regarding all financial matters relating to the preservation and development of the harbour and to public off-street parking.Fo...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Committee

Collector-Treasurer letterbook

Series consists of letters sent outward from the Collector-Treasurer, mainly in his capacity as Collector.

Victoria (B.C.). Collector-Treasurer's Office

Group 'A' Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes or the Group 'A' Committee records (CR-0024).Arranged chronologically by year, alphabetically within each year by first letter only, and numerically by minute number within each alphabetical sec...

Victoria (B.C.). City Council

Finance Committee minutes index

Series consists of an index to the minutes in Series 26, Finance Committee (CR-0026) and the Finance, Lands, Housing, Market, Public Utilities and Intermunicipal Committee minutes (CR-0042).

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Committee

General ledger

Series consists of the City's general ledger. The ledgers are arranged within numerous accounts documenting the financial transactions of the City.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Finance Department ledger

Series consists of a special ledger of departmental accounts of the City, which deals with every aspect of each departmental operating budget.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Sinking fund ledger

Series consists of a ledger of sinking fund accounts. Each sinking fund account documents the annual accumulation of interest.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Debentures ledger

Series consists of a ledger of debenture accounts documenting the amount of interest due each month.Data elements include the name of the debenture, the number of the corresponding bylaw, the amount of the loan, the rate of interest, the half-year...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Registration of debentures

Series consists of a register documenting the sale of City debentures.Data elements include the file number, date of registration, by-law number, the debenture numbers, the name and address of the bearer, and the date of transfer of the debentures...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Bills payable journal

Series consists of a special journal documenting the bills payable of the City.Series deals primarily with accounts held by banks, most likely with debenture accounts. From 1911-1919, accounts are drawn up with the Bank of British North America a...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Budget estimates

Series consists of bylaws pertaining to estimated revenue and expenditures. Includes bylaws regarding taxes and rates on land and property, boulevards, street lighting, and other matters, as well as votes of funds for departmental and other expen...

Victoria (B.C.). Comptroller's Office

Budget estimates working papers

Series consists of records created in the process of estimating annual revenue and expenditures, as published in the bylaws comprising CR-0243 (budget estimates). Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, and spreadsheets.There is a ga...

Victoria (B.C.). Comptroller's Office

City of Victoria annual budget

Series consists of annual budgets in the form of reports to Council.Titled "Annual Budget" from 1980-1997 and "Budget Report" thereafter.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Miscellaneous City investments

Series consists of share certificates for various oil and mining companies, as well as correspondence pertaining to select investments.

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department