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Building permit applications

Series consists of a log of building permits issued by the City.

Includes information on the date and number of the permit, owner of the property, its legal description, and the street on which it is located. Also includes information on how many buildings are included in the permit, building material, number of storeys, number of rooms, purpose of the building, estimate of cost, and amount of fee paid.
This series was started in 1907. Although the City likely had a regular method of recording building permits before this time, the best existing source for annual lists of building permits issued from the early 1860s to 1907 is the local newspapers, copies of which are available in the Archives' reference room.

Victoria (B.C.). Public Works Department

Construction permits and demolition reports

Series consists of monthly reports submitted by the Engineering Department to the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.

The information provided includes (where appropriate) name of building owner or applicant, location, type of use, kind of work to be done, value of construction, and number of new dwellings created.

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Ross Bay Cemetery burial permits

Series consists of the City’s copy of burial permits.

Each permit originally consisted of three parts: the City copy, the family copy, and a receipt. Each permit is numbered and captures the following information: name, age, where born, where died, date of death, day and hour of burial, officiating clergy, block, plot and road, undertaker, reserve plots, and fees.

The earliest permits are contained in bound volumes and date from December 1886 to October 1915. In October 1915 the system was changed to a three-part carbon-copy form. And the data collected changed slightly to include cause of death, re-opening, interment, exhumation, and total cost.

Other forms related to the burial may be attached to the burial permit, such as Order for Interment of Body, Medical Certificate of Death, Warrant to Bury After a View, Certificate of Cremation, and other forms and correspondence related to the transportation of remains.

Previous record keeping practices included licences for plots and perpetual maintenance contracts in the burial permitting system. While these records use the same numbering as the burial permits, they are distinct records series with their own access restrictions (see below).

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department